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All I Want for Christmas by Fay Lamb

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Mullet Harbor is planning a Christmas wedding. Knee deep in preparation for Kaylee McFarland’s pending nuptials to Christian Abrams, Abigail Brewster’s heart is broken when she learns that Remy Arneaux has invited someone else to the affair. With Mayor Herb Miller’s edict that nothing should mar this occasion for his only granddaughter, Abigail presses onward. All goes well until Abigail’s sister returns with trouble—and a crime syndicate set on destroying the harbor—on her heels, and Abigail is the means they hope to achieve their dastardly goal.

Remy Arneaux wants nothing more than to escort Abigail to the wedding, but he’s made a promise he can’t break and one he can’t share. With Abigail’s trust slipping away from him, her sister’s return puts Abigail in a world of danger and pulls their relationship a world apart.

Trouble has come to the quiet sanctuary, but trouble has never met the likes of the quirky citizenry of Mullet Harbor. They will do all it takes to get Kaylee and Christian hitched without a hitch and Abigail safe from danger.

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1 Comment

Carol Wilson James
Carol Wilson James
Nov 11, 2021

Sounds like a fun read. Love the cover. Congratulations!

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