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Our Town Atheist- The Scoop's Inaugural Post

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Indulge me today, please. This is the inaugural blog for The Scoop on Christian Fiction, and it will most likely be the last time, you get a lead-in from me. As an author, freelance editor, and an acquisition editor, I do tend to learn about excellent books before they are published, and I wanted to share new and upcoming releases with my readers. The releases I share with you will be from authors I have met in my writing journey, those I've had the privilege of meeting while working with two publishers (the one for which I edit and the other for which I write), those authors I've met in my freelance career, and those acquaintances and friendships I've made in the industry. That said, I'm very excited to share our first post with you.

When Victoria Buck told me that her book, Our Town Atheist was releasing in paperback tomorrow, October 15, I was delighted to have the opportunity to share her novel as the first post for The Scoop. This book enchanted me from my first edits, which happened to be freelance. Later, when Victoria submitted the manuscript for consideration with the publisher who hires me to edit, I had to declare to the publisher that I had been privileged to experience this story, and there would be no doubt that I would seek a contract. And the rest is history. This is a story I will long remember for its unique telling. I'm excited to share this scoop with you.


Small-town banker Adam Bender tackles a robber and loses. But that’s not what shakes the foundations of his well-managed life. He awakens in the hospital to the vision of an angel. But that’s not what casts doubt on his reasonable judgment. Turns out the angel is only a beautiful doctor—someone Adam wants to get to know better.

The bank robber is on the loose and out to get Adam. News spreads in the gossipy little town of Adam’s misfortune, his love interest, and his…atheism? He’d thought he could keep that a secret. But Adam Bender can handle it. Or, can he? What happens one night on a mountain road leaves him questioning his worldview. And his sanity. And soon the whole town is waiting to find out if what Adam saw will alter his unbelief.

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Victoria Buck is a native of Central Florida. From her home office, she multi-tasks by running a small business with her husband and writing unusual stories from a Christian worldview. Her first three books make up the Wake the Dead trilogy, the near future tale of the world’s first transhuman and how he becomes a hero for the Underground Church. In her not-your-typical Christian fiction style, Victoria’s fourth novel, Our Town Atheist, offers a mystifying twist in the story of a small-town banker who tries to hide his unbelief.

Learn more about Victoria on her website and her blog.

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15 de out. de 2021

Great post ladies!

So excited for your book to be in print Victoria. Good luck and God's blessings with it.


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