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The Visitor Is on Her Way With a Free Story

Who, might you ask, is the visitor? Her name is Connie Wright. She's the brains behind her family's non-profit foundation. Connie has lots of family, and I mean lots of family.

Have you ever watched Midsomer Mysteries and wondered how so much murder and mayhem could happen in such a quaint county of small English villages? Well, if you follow Connie around, you may wonder how so much murder and mayhem can happen when Connie pays visits to her unsuspecting family. Like the meme says, "She doesn't invite mystery and mayhem to join her. They just sort of show up...and she might be traveling to your town!"

Uh-oh. You better watch out.

Starting tomorrow, the authors of the seven books in The Visitor series invite you to take a look back in the life of Connie Wright to where it all began ... her first mystery. That's right. Starting January 2, I'll be sharing a chapter a day from The Visitor Misses a Visit, a prequel to the series.

Here’s a little about our free short story:

How do a college graduate, a dysfunctional family, and a burned-out tire lot add up to murder?

All Connie B. Wright has ever known has been the Wright Foundation which her parents started to support children’s charities. But her love for the foundation is challenged by the new accountant that seems to be taking over.

How is it that the new guy has control over accounts that Connie can no longer see? And why does he suddenly have all control, even over her?

Mama and Dad have always been brilliant with their business dealings, building an amazing charity from nothing. But could they have made a mistake with this guy?

Watch for the rest of The Visitor Mysteries, releasing monthly in 2023 beginning on February, 10, 2023.

You can preorder the entire series right now!

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1 komentarz

June Foster
June Foster
03 sty 2023

Sounds like a "Fay Lamb" story with fun and mayhem.

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