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Understanding the Misunderstood by Lill Kohler

Today, author Lill Kohler gives us some insight into her character Kimberli from her novel in The Visitor Mysteries: The Visitor Sees a Ghost.

I was visiting family in Michigan when this story started to come together in my mind. The lapping of water against the boat’s edge. The breeze off the lake fanning my loose tendrils in the air. The glare of the sun broken up by passing speed boats and Sea-doos. The various sized homes, from grand and stately to run down cabins, that lined the lake’s edge. It was the perfect setting to a story of redemption and healing.

I wanted a character, Kimberly, who felt she was misunderstood because of all the mistakes she’d made in life. She needed an opportunity to show she could make decisions that were good ones. As the story unfolds, she also comes to realize that her strained relationship with her younger sister needs to be redeemed and old wounds healed.

The fact that she sells her home and purchases a lake front needs-to-be-renovated house in a new location without consulting her family doesn’t make these goals easily attainable. Sometimes we do that, don’t we? I know I do. In wanting to help or show I can do something “all by myself” I don’t make the wisest of decisions.

A second character, Mallory, was brought in for the mystery portion of the story. Her life is in turmoil. Her hiding place has been invaded and she must do what she can to keep from being discovered. She also finds healing, but in a different unexpected way.

I wanted to show that there is always hope for change toward a positive path. Change is sometimes bumpy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Author:

Lill Kohler loves to laugh, especially with her grandchildren. They bring joy to her heart with their various facial expressions and views on life.

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