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ELIZA'S HOPE by June Foster and Kelly Cordova

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Today, Scoop on New Christian Fiction is featuring one that got away from us but definitely one to share:

On the ship from Ireland, Eliza O’Connor loses her mother and husband to cholera. She longs to become a doctor after training under the local physician, but few schools accept women. Now that the doctor has passed away, she works at her father's boarding house. When a handsome doctor arrives beaten and stripped of his jacket and boots, she believes he's another gold-crazy miner heading for the hills where her brother has ventured.

At his mother's desperate request, Dr. Levi Dumont travels from Boston to find his younger brother and bring him home. After Levi is robbed and beaten, his trustworthy horse drops him in back of the O'Connor's Boarding House where the enchanting Eliza treats his wounds.

When Eliza's brother returns from the gold fields with a broken leg, Eliza learns her friend needs medical attention. Eliza is determined to make the treacherous journey. When she accompanies Levi to Diamond Falls, Levi discovers affection for Eliza despite his engagement to a woman in Boston.

Though Eliza and Levi come from different worlds, their hopes are the same. Will Eliza find opportunity to study medicine? Can Levi find a life with Eliza despite his fiancé and medical practice in Boston?

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About the Authors

June Foster is a retired school teacher, mother of two, and grandmother of ten. She never expected to author a novel until she and her husband hit the highways in their RV. While on the road in 2010, the Lord nudged her to write her first contemporary romance. June loves to brag that she visits a location before it becomes the setting in her next book.

"I love to write stories about characters who overcome the circumstances in their lives by the power of God and His Word." She wants to offer the reader hope through her fictional characters.

Her oldest daughter, Kelly Cordova, has shown an interest in writing fiction, though her passion lies in historical romance. They recently co-authored Eliza's Hope, a novella set in the gold rush days of California in the 1850's.

You can learn more about June and Kelly at June's website.

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